Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Despite being completely pathetic about blogging lately (it's a long story involving two bathrooms, a backyard and a heatwave) a couple of recent incidents have led me to believe that I am starting to be seen as some sort of unfrumpy.... Expert? Maven? Guru? I'm not terribly sure what to think of this, seeing as I frump out far more than I should if I am to hold such a title, but I'm always happy to answer any questions. (Perhaps more disturbing is that fact that both of these queries came from moms that could run circles around my frumpy ass when it comes to style. But I digress.)

The first question was what to do about the insidious problem of thongvertising. That would be when your thong decides, completely on its own accord, to make a grand appearance above your waistband. And what wisdom did this maestro of unfrumpiness have to share on the matter? "Um, I have no idea. I just kind of try to shove it down as low as possible whenever it starts creeping up." That's it. That's all I got. Anyone else care to broaden our horizons on how to solve this universal problem? Thongvertising moms want to know.

The second was from a friend who wondered what she should do on the occasion that she works out in the morning and doesn't have time to go home between errands and picking up the kids. I told her that just by nature of the fact that she WORKED OUT she is already way ahead of the game. Secondly, I asked what her workout clothes look like. Husband's sweats? College t-shirts? Head and/or wristbands? She said, no, she buys all her workout gear at Lululemon. Ding ding ding ding ding!!! Perfect score. Working out AND wearing cute gear? I pronounce you 100% Unfrumpy. 

Anyone else need enlightening of this caliber? Bring it on! I'm on a roll!