Monday, December 13, 2010


The Daisy Dukes with kneesocks and boots.

The kneesocks and boots themselves.

The side ponytail.

The fuzzy yellow makeup tote used as a purse.

All perplexing, yes. But the most disturbing part of it all?

We were on our way into The Nutcracker.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's wrong with being sexy?

My sweet and thoughtful husband recently came home from a trip to the store with this magazine for me:

Because A) I was sick and in need of mentally unchallenging reading material and B) he thought it would be good fodder for my blog. I was torn -- I don't even know who this woman is and it peeves me to no end that she keeps stealing perfectly good media space away from MUCH more important stories (Lindsay Lohan? Brad and Angie? Michael Jackson conspiracy theories??) BUT, here is she is saying something of real importance -- "Can't a mom be sexy?" Wow, she's speaking my language! Ok, Kendra Whoeveritson of dubious fame, bring it on. Let's hear what you have to say. Maybe we have viewpoints in common.

Fast forward to the article. Early on, she talks about her husband's uptight attitudes, "He definitely doesn't like the flashing." (That would be flashing other men at clubs.) Also, he doesn't like that she's considering posing for Playboy. And the whole sex tape thing, well, that was a bit of a bump in the marriage too. Her response? "I'm going to go out and shake my butt and have a good time. I'm not a nun." But hey -- "Can't a mom be sexy?"

Apparently moms, you have two choices. Donning a habit, or flashing random men. I always did like The Sound of Music.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Unlike Mother, Unlike Daughter

The feet on the left with the cute ballet flats and pleated skirt belong to a nine-year old girl, who is clearly not getting fashion tips from mom feet on the right. Apparently post-pedicure thongs now come in leather?