Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks


My kids who make me laugh while infuriating me, teach me while I'm teaching them, fill my heart while emptying my wallet, and make me happier and sleepier than I've ever been

My husband who is the kind of guy who will notice when I'm at my wit's end, and wisely and wonderfully make me a hot bath complete with bubbles, candles and a big, cold glass of chardonnay perched on the side of the tub

My friends and family and the friends that seem like family and the family that are wonderful friends

A world that seems crazy most of the time, but is actually filled with beautiful things and people if you squint your eyes and look at it the right way

A brain that works most of the time, a body that only hurts occasionally and wrinkles that mean I've learned a thing or two

You people who come on here and read my random blurbs and sometimes even tell me you like them

A snuggly dog, my minivan, viognier and starbucks cappuccinos


Thursday, November 17, 2011

A trip to the Portland Zoo

We love Portland. Really, really love it. In fact, we go there about once a year just because we love it so much and it doesn't hurt that it's cheap. On our most recent trip, we had just hit up the insanely good Stumptown Coffee shop in the insanely cool Ace Hotel when I saw this mom.

I was swooning. Portland is so cool! Moms push strollers while wearing skirts and shorty boots! And drinking artisanal coffee in hip hotel lobbies! Why can't my town be more like this?

Then we went to the zoo. (Which is awesome, by the way.) And there we saw some major frump frolicking in its natural habitat.

The Pacific Northwestern Ponchopotamus:

The Long Denim-Skirted Frumpaphant:

And the Red Socked Frumpy Bird:

Portland is still cool. It's just not frump-free.