Tuesday, February 28, 2012

M.O.M. (Mom-item of the Moment)

These pants will change your life. Especially if you have a tendency to wear the same black yoga pants over and over again, like many people I know, and yes, when I say many people I'm talking about myself. These are the Pixie Pants by J. Crew. They aren't cheap, but really, when you're pushing forty, do you really want to be running around in cheap leggings? These suckers are worth every single penny. The fabric is thick enough that it hides any unseemly lumps as well as panty lines. It's stretchy enough that they are comfy when you're having a fluffy moment. But it's also tight enough that it feels like you're getting a little tummy tuck every time you wear them. And if that's not enough of a sell job, let me tell you this—my husband can't keep his hands off my ass every time I wear these pants. And I take that as a very positive sign, since it's a 38 year old ass that's seen better days. He likes these so much on me that he bought me not one -- but TWO -- more pairs for Christmas. So yeah, this is pretty much all I wear these days. And my ass gets a lot of action.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To Topknot or not to Topknot

Apparently the new quick updo of choice among the stylish set is the topknot. Like, all your hair on top of your head in a knot. And when I say top, I mean TOP. I'd seen it on J Lo, or in magazines, but then lo and behold a very stylish mom friend of mine showed up one day wearing all her hair pulled tight and right on top of her head. And she looked fabulous! So I've been experimenting with topknots and I'm kind of digging them. I think it makes you look younger because you pull your hair so tight that you get a mini eye lift. And it somehow seems more fashionable than a ponytail, though I have no idea why. Maybe just because it's different. I wore one yesterday and a mom friend of mine told me I looked like a Charlie's Angel. And I don't think she was kidding. Considering I had not showered and had slept less than 5 hours the night before, I'm thinking it was all about the topknot. Anyways, it's super easy and looks even better with unwashed hair (thus the perfect hairdo for moms.) Here's a pic of how it should look (this is NOT me, unfortunately):

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm just ignoring January

My last six weeks in three words:

Holidays, stomach flu, Disneyland.

It was 66% fun. But all very busy and therefore here I am, with no posts to go under the cute little January button on the right of my blog.

On a brighter note (literally), please take a look at my new purse.

In case you can't tell from the picture, that stripe down the center is neon orangey pink. I love it. It's making me want to paint a neon orangey pink stripe down everything—my minivan, my cell phone, my husband. Honestly, what in life wouldn't be better with a neon orangey pink stripe?

Also, my son won't poop in the potty, but he WILL poop in his diaper, remove it, and try to clean his own rear. So I'm spending lots of time running around my house sniffing the air like a bloodhound in case he's left any remnants anywhere. I think I'll add him to the list of things I'd like to paint a neon orangey pink stripe on.