Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let's be extremely clear about something.

Lately I've overheard a few conversations between my kids that go along the lines of this:

3YO: I don't have a vagina. I have a penis.

5YO: I know. Vaginas are for girls, penises are for boys.

(p.s. Here is where I stopped myself from jumping in to say that many people would argue it's the other way around.)

(p.p.s. But not everyone, and that's just fine with me.)

3YO: I have a penis. You have a vagina.

p.p.p.s. (He's repetitive. Or maybe just making sure.)

5YO: Yes and it's mine and you can't touch it.

4ps. (You go girl.)

What gets me isn't the fact that these conversations are taking place, I think they are perfectly normal and natural and hey, I'd love to have more conversations where I was this sure about what I was talking about. It's the utter earnestness of the conversation that amazes me. It reminds me of Tim and I on the rare occasions when we discuss our finances. Everything is very no-nonsense, because if something gets fucked up it can have grave consequences. Their little heads are together, their faces are serious, their voices are low and strong. They are solving the problems of the world, one wiener and koo-koo at a time. And all I can do is stand aside and quietly slow clap.

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Colleen said...

That is one thing that does not come up very often in our house between the boys, as all their gear is the same. But usually, around 3, we have to have the "Mom doesn't have a penis like you do" conversation. And that is about the same time they are no longer allowed in the bathroom while I shower. :)