Monday, June 4, 2012

World's Best Noun, World's Worst Adjective


When that word comes out of my children's mouths, my heart sings. I never knew I would love being one so much. After losing my own mom at a young age, I always expected that word to be a little fraught with sadness when hearing it directed at me. But no. Just joy. Pure joy. As far as nouns go, MOM pretty much kicks ass. But as an adjective? Oh, the humanity. Think about it. Mom jeans. Mom purse. Mom shoes. Mom car. Is there anything you can put MOM in front of without completely firebombing the cool factor out of it? Why is that? I'll tell you why. Because too many moms AREN'T COOL. They are killing us slowly with fanny packs, Tevas, floppy hats and camping clothes. They are trading their appropriately sized totes for nylon satchels full of goldfish and sunscreen. They are turning their homes into miniature versions of the Disney store. They smell faintly of peanut butter and diaper wipes. They forgo shaving. Everywhere. And the funny thing is, I think many of these women do these things with the idea that they are being better moms. But instead, they are helicoptering themselves right out of their own lives. They are losing themselves in the service of their children, not to mention killing the word mom for the rest of us. So let's take it back. Let's put a little sex appeal back into MOM. Do one thing today to make yourself look and feel less like a mom and more like a you. Maybe we can make the adjective feel almost as good as the noun.


Amy Howard said...

Agreed! You're so smart. So, you know what I am doing? I am reclaiming "me" and being "mom" at the same time. I have decided that just because I would probably fit into mom jeans at this time, it doesn't mean I should let it happen. I am taking time to exercise and I am filling my body with healthy stuff instead of chicken nuggets. (No I haven't cut out wine. I said I'm reclaiming me, not abandoning me.) Mom jeans, hear me roar.

kep said...

Amen sister!
I'm sporting shorts and three inch heels today at work. Let's "bring it" Moms! :-)

Colleen said...

Love it! You would be proud to know that I saw many hot moms at the splash park I took the kids to today. Not a single one wearing mom jeans!