Thursday, August 2, 2012


You know you haven't been to your own blog for awhile when you forget your password.

Once, in highschool, three of my friends and I took a boat out in a lake at night and went skinny dipping. While we were in the water, we heard the distinct sound of a motor boat heading in our direction. It was really dark, we didn't have a light, and we were naked. Envisioning a very dangerous and very embarrassing collision, we all fish-flopped ourselves back into the boat as quickly as we could. Or almost all of us did. I got myself caught on the side of the boat, straddling half of my naked self in the water and half in the boat. Somehow my fright or general lack of grace kept me from being able to successfully complete the flop. Apparently this visual is burned into the retinas of my three friends. And believe it or not, they remain my friends. (Apologies, ladies.)

Anyways, this pretty much aptly describes how I've been feeling for the past two months. One half of a graceless body in sanity and one half in insanity. I HAVE remained mostly clothed, but I'm not sure the visual is any better. There's no one reason for it all—more like 400 ones—but it adds up to me falling down the rabbit hole and not seeing a rope anywhere handy.

So here I am. Blink. Blink. Blink. My, it's bright in here.

If anyone is still out there, I have some unfrumping to do. To myself, in the world, in general. Hopefully I will stay clear of rabbit holes, gopher holes and man holes. (Why does that world suddenly strike me as dirty?)

Until then, stay clear of naked boaters and dirty man holes.

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Amy Howard said...

I'm so happy to have your writings burned on my retinas again, even if you are writing about your naked body sprawled across the side of a boat like a barnacle. Not a bad visual, actually. Better than the dirty man hole visual I've been mulling over. Eesh.