Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Splish Splash, I Was Frumping my Frump

One of my best friends has a daughter who is a crack swimmer so she spends the majority of her free time at swim meets. This makes me sad, because I never see her, but it helps take the sting away when she sends me photos such as these:

Perhaps this woman was trying to go with some sort of flowy water theme when she rummaged around in her closet and pulled out her blue silk genie pants. Ok. But there's a bigger problem here. SHE HAS BLUE SILK GENIE PANTS IN HER CLOSET. As always, I am flummoxed not just by the wearing of such an item, but the question of where these kinds of things are being purchased. If I decided one day that I really, really wanted smocked-top blue silk genie pants to remain comfortable while matching the pool at my child's swim meet, where would I go shopping? 

I am an equal opportunity unfrumper. Men don't cross the line nearly as often as women, but alas, sometimes it happens. This poor guy just needs someone, probably his wife (unless his wife is the genie pant wearer) to separate all these items of clothing into four different outfits. That shirt with different pants, not stuffed into a waistband. Those shorts with a t-shirt, also preferably not stuffed into a waistband. Those socks under a pair of dress pants and stuffed into dress loafers. Those shoes stuffed into a bag, tied down with rocks and thrown into a river. I wonder if this guy glanced up at the cute casual dad standing in front of him, looked down at himself and said, "Well, crap. I did it again. I wore every black thing I own. Dang." (Doesn't he just look like a guy who says dang?)

Thank you for the awesome pics, my friend. You know who you are.


Colleen said...

I am already working hard with my boys to let them know that "coordinating" is not the same thing as "wear everything in one color, even if those colors are different hues."

Amy Howard said...

I love this post. I did have to look up the use of the word "crack" in an online slang dictionary. I approve of the usage. I also approve of this blog post and of you.

Side note: the two outfits shown in this blog made several appearances on the pool deck this summer, leading me to believe these are not only intentional choices, but favorites.

Caveat: both wearers of said frump are, I believe, foreigners. Do Euros get a frump hall pass?

jje said...

Colleen—Thank you. The world will be a better place for your efforts! None of your sons will ever be on my blog, I promise.

Amy—Actually Euros, simply by not being American, should be MORE stylish, not less! This information makes this situation much more dire. As Tim Gunn would say, I'm concerned.